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Re: No Man's Sky

Mensaje por obv »

Buenas pues hoy es el dia los changes son masivos y han casi que transformado el juego jeje

os dejo el enlace aunque quizas no podais acceder aun por estar petadisimo, dado que la gente esta realizando peticiones masivas

A DESTACAR: (ir al enlace anterior)
- Realidad virtual (esto puede ser la bomba por todo lo que han incluido y sus interfaces a lo "minority report")

- Multijugador expandido: 4 - 8 jugadores en consola de 4 a 32 en pc

- Misiones y tutoriales revisados y añadidas nuevas historias

- Nexus: club social
misiones que daran dentro del nexus asi como poder teleportarse aquellas bases mas destacadas

- Han añadido Arbol tecnologico
especialistas tecnologicos

- Balances en el Gameplay

- la pagina donde lo que descubrias ahora es mas intuitiva y con mas detalles

- estacion espacial de cartografia que alli tienes planos de zonas espaciales en las cuales dan la ubicion de ciertos edificios

- mapa de la galaxia mejorado

- nuevos Viajeros NPC (añaden 12 concretamente)

- nuevos encuentros alienigenas con 60 nuevos dialogos y mejorados los existentes

- NPCS dinamicos (responden a tus gestos una choradilla)

- lenguaje alienigena mejorado

- montar criaturas

- cosechar criaturas, cocinar, ordeñar y critica culinaria (mas de 300 recetas. vamos que nos hacemos cocineros)

- electrificacion de la base (biogeneracion o mediante paneles solares)
5 variedad de switch logicos, creacion de paneles brillantes o con sonido, teleports, esferas generadoras (ni idea lo que es)

- optimizacion para diferentes configuraciones de PC

- Construccion de bases mejoradas incluyen mas cosas, partes, mejoras en la categorizacion..etc

- construccion industrial (para extracion depositos de mineral, nubes de gas,..etc)
en la imagen parece que se ve una especie de cintas transportadoras..... (no se)

- mejoras en los copkits de las naves espaciales

- en Realidad virtual vista de 360 grados ... ship-3.gif

- se han reescalado las naves y retexturizado de nuevo

hay algo mas de imagenes concercientes a la realidad virtual, configuracion grafica...etc pero para no alargar mas la cosa aqui me quedo jeje

a su vez os dejo las notas del parche que siempre incluyen
• No Man’s Sky is now fully playable in virtual reality.
• Many interactions have been given special VR-only options, including: grabbing plants and other collectables with your hands; physically opening the cockpits of ships and exocraft; piloting starships directly with a VR stick/throttle; and punching objects to cause damage.
• Introduced special VR menus: including controlling Multi-Tool options via a menu embedded on the in-world Multi-Tool; and browsing the quick menu and inventory via a personal wrist-mounted display.

• OpenGL has been replaced by Vulkan. Many players, particularly players with AMD graphics cards, should see a performance improvement.
• Significant optimisations to asteroid generation.
• Significant optimisations to planet generation.
• Improved loading times.
• Significant optimisations to 2D rendering.
• Reduced memory usage across the game generally.
• Significant optimisations to cloud and terrain shaders.
• Significant optimisations to the animation LODing system.
• Added level-of-detail mesh optimisations to the majority of in-game assets.
• Significant optimisations for large bases.
• Revised HDR support, updated output curve in line with advances in HDR calibration.
• Adaptive and Triple-Buffered V-Sync are now selectable from Graphics Options.
• Players with more than one GPU can now select which is used from Video Options.
• Many graphics settings no longer require a restart to apply.
• The ‘LOADING SHADERS’ load step has been removed, improving the loading experience.

• Added support for full rebinding of PC controls via Steam and OpenVR.
• Reworked all settings and options pages, making graphics settings more clear for PC players.
• Added options to disable vignette and scanline effects.
• Added the option to remove button holds and make all non-destructive clicks instant.

• Added the ability to summon the Space Anomaly to your location from anywhere in the galaxy.
• Significantly expanded and reworked the interior of the Space Anomaly.
• The Space Anomaly now serves as a hub, bringing together all the Travellers who are onboard regardless of their physical location in the universe.
• Removed orbs from the game and replaced them with fully simulated other players, met ambiently as you explore.
• The network player cap has been raised to between 8 and 32 depending on platform and current location.
• Added a new teleporter to the Space Anomaly. This teleporter allows players to visit the base of any other player currently on the Anomaly with them, as well as highlighting featured bases from the community.
• Moved multiplayer mission selection to the Nexus, a new hub area in the Space Anomaly.
• Added an interface for quickly finding other players to join on multiplayer missions.
• Added many new types of multiplayer mission.
• Automatic chat messages are broadcast when performing game actions, including making discoveries, attacking pirates, installing tech, performing gestures, and fighting biological horrors.
• Multiplayer missions now warp players directly to the mission location as they leave the Space Anomaly.
• Added the ability to display a custom player banner, adjustable at the Appearance Modifier.
• Player graves in multiplayer games will get reset to the current player’s system when returning to single player.
• A new save icon is used in multiplayer to highlight that while progress is saved, the player’s current position is not.
• Reworked the story missions to integrate Nada and Polo’s journey better with the story of Artemis.
• Added new story content for Nada and Polo.
• Reworked the tutorial and much of the early game mission flow.
• Added new and unique visuals for new NPCs aboard the Space Anomaly.
• Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly who will exchange a different product for nanites each day.
• Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly who will exchange milestone progress for nanites.
• Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly who will exchange different categories of discovery data for nanites each day.

• Added a tech-tree style display for all the technologies, products and other recipes available in the game.
• Added technology and base part research stations to the Space Anomaly, allowing players to browse the full tech tree, plan their upgrades, and purchase new technologies with nanites.
• Tweaked the visuals of HUD and compass markers for improved clarity and consistency.
• Some HUD icons now shrink to reduce visual noise.
• Adjusted the behaviour of compass markers while in the ship to better reflect the reality of navigating 3D space.
• Improved the UI for comparing and purchasing ships, Multi-Tools and freighters.
• Added a warning when trying to swap starships if you still have cargo aboard your old ship.
• Improved the inventory page, including making inventory sub-categories more clear.
• Changed text scrolling to a full wraparound rather than a bounce.
• Reduced the amount of bloom in cases that caused photosensitivity issues.
• Refiner output readings now correctly update when more resources are added to an input slot.
• Improved the visual style and clarity of the Buy/Sell filters on trade screens.
• Improved the icons used to display the class of ships, Multi-Tools, and other purchasable items.
• Updated the ‘Summon Vehicles’ icon on Quick Menu.
• The icons for summoning other ships in your collection now accurately reflect the appearance of those ships.
• Updated the visuals for the in-cockpit ship screens.
• Significant improvements to the chat box, including the ability to choose whether messages are sent to your group or the entire system.
• Moved substances, products and technologies to their own ‘Catalogue’, separate from the Guide.
• Added Guide entries for several new features.
• Increased the size of icons in the Catalogue.
• Improved the appearance of the dialog / NPC speech UI.
• Mission notifications / objectives are no longer hidden by the build menu, inventory or refiner screens.
• Added a new style of mission notification that gives more context to complex mission steps.
• The Galaxy Map has been totally overhauled for clarity and visual style.

• NPCs can now walk around their environments and interact with environmental elements.
• Player locomotion is more responsive when running.
• Players can now sit on chairs.
• Improved the camera handling when sitting in a confined area.
• NPCs will respond to gestures performed by the player.
• NPCs now occasionally browse holographic creatures, ships and more on their handheld devices.
• Added all new NPC interactions at planetary salvage sites.
• Added all new NPC interactions at crashed ships.
• Significantly reworked all factory and monolith interactions.
• Changed the reward sequence for factory interactions to allow players to choose which product recipe they would like to learn.
• Reworked a large number of existing NPC interactions.
• Added a range of biome specific interactions for NPCs at planetary buildings.
• NPC pilots now leave their ships when landing at Space Stations and Trade Outposts.
• NPCs can now choose a chair to sit on, sit down for a while, then continue with their day.
• Geks occasionally swing their legs while sitting.
• Expanded the range of NPC moods and animations.
• Increased the richness of text interactions with additional audio, colours and NPC animations.
• Added different text printout speeds for each alien race, giving them their own style of ‘speech’.
• Added a chance for guest NPCs to visit Space Stations, eg the occasional Korvax may be found in the Space Station of a Vy’keen system.
• The Trade Outpost is treated as a building (for the purposes of providing hazard protection), but plays correct outdoor audio ambience.
• Added AutoTranslator technologies to the Exosuit that allow random words to be translated without being permanently unlocked.
• Fixed an issue where }} alien speech brackets would appear on a new line by themselves.
• Alien words are grouped together to prevent learning words very similar to ones already known (e.g. interloper/interlopers).
• Alien word learning has been overhauled. Players may direct the flow of language acquisition when interacting with NPCs.
• Players can practice using the words they know when speaking to alien lifeforms and observe the results.

• Reworked the Base Building Menu: improved visual clarity; improved usability; and allowed quicker access to parts, including adding the ability for parts to be in more than one group.
• Day/night cycles are now deterministic and synced between players.
• Significant improvements have been made to the base part snapping system, allowing for faster and more convenient building.
• Added a new photo-mode style building camera to allow easier placement of complex structures.
• Added the ability to scale some base parts.
• Added the ability to rotate some base parts around more than one axis.
• Added new power generation base parts: Biofuel Reactors, Solar Panels, Electromagnetic Generators and Batteries. Each offers a different way to generate power for your base.
• Added wiring, allowing you to connect base parts that need power to your generators.
• Removed the manual fueling of many base technologies and replaced it with power grid requirements.
• Added power requirements to existing parts such as lights.
• Added a range of logic gates and switches, allowing for creative control of powered parts.
• Added new large-scale mineral and gas extractor base parts.
• Added mineral/gas pipelines, allowing players to connect their new extractors to remote depots for ease of collection.
• Added a new Survey Device upgrade for the Analysis Visor, allowing player to hunt out the optimal spots to place mineral/gas extractors and electromagnetic generators.
• Overhauled the gravity simulation, improving the experience on dead planets.
• Added Short-Range Teleporters. These pads may be placed around your base and wired up to create a network of near-instant transportation.
• Improved the management of base options when interacting with the base computer, including improving the ability to take screenshots of the base.
• Added the ability to jetpack while the Build Menu is open.
• Improved the visual effects of the Terrain Manipulator.
• Unified the functionality of the Message Module and the Communications Station and added a new unique art asset.
• Added several new roof pieces, allowing players to build complete sloping roofs.
• Added new exocraft-sized doors that can be powered to open and close automatically as you approach.
• Added new interactable props, including customisable light boxes and audio frequency generators.
• Added a powered Sphere Generator that allows players to generate large movable spheres.
• Improved the visual effects when constructing base parts & technology.

• Increased the tolerance of trader ships participating in a freighter battle so that they do not report friendly fire as a crime unless the shot is fatal.
• Fixed an issue where Sentinel drones would become stuck when scanning a player who was entering and exiting their ship.
• Fixed an issue where the third person player model would never look directly at the camera.
• Fixed an issue where ship rain audio was being played when it was not raining.
• Added creature sounds to the weird biome creatures.
• Fixed a Multi-Tool animation glitch when firing the Mining Beam from sheathed in first person.
• Change Asian numerical separators to be correct format.
• Fixed an issue where the starship can appear floating above the terrain if the player is spawned at a long distance from the ship.
• Fixed a number of item duplication exploits.
• Fix for the starship HUD reading ‘Moon of Unknown Planet’ when the planet is known.
• The Mining Beam is now the correct colour when upgraded with a procedural upgrade module.
• Fixed an issue where the wrong impact particles were sometimes used when shooting Sentinel Quadrupeds.
• Miscellaneous text fixes.

• Overhauled the Analysis Visor. Scanning of flora, fauna and minerals no longer begins automatically, but begins when the player holds a button while looking at the relevant object.
• In VR, the Analysis Visor becomes Analysis Mode. Objects are scanned by aiming at them with the Multi-Tool.
• Custom Markers placed from the Analysis Visor now drop a physical object at the marker location.
• Significantly overhauled the Discovery Page to show a graphical representation of the system, as well as close up 3D representations of all discoveries and long text entries for fauna.
• Made butterflies and other flying creatures much easier to scan with the Analysis Visor.
• Added a new set of rare vibrant colour palettes for lush planets.
• Creature markers in the Analysis Visor now display how far away the creature is.
• Fixed an issue where creatures would never poop once they had been scared by a predator.
• Predator creatures no longer target and attack players when they are in an interaction.
• Creatures will no longer attack players who are in their ships.
• Improved the clarity and display of warning icons on predatory or angry creatures.
• Fix for biological horrors not playing their death effects for network players.
• Fix for incorrect fauna level being displayed in the Analysis Visor.
• Added creature marker to display their current mental state.
• Added new wild plants to all biomes.
• Added the ability to cook plant and animal products in a Nutrient Processor to produce a wide variety of food. Experient with combinations to create unique and complex foodstuffs.
• Eating food provides a boost to your life support.
• Added bait products, created in the Nutrient Processor, that allow creatures to be harvested for food products. Scan creatures to learn their bait preferences.
• Killing creatures also allows the harvesting of several new food products.
• Added an NPC to the Space Anomaly who will judge the player’s cooking ability.
• Renamed Coprite to Faecium.
• Added compass and HUD icons to Faecium deposits.
• Improved the visuals of Faceium deposits.
• Added a base part that will attract creatures to your base and automatically feed them.
• Added a base part that will automatically extract milk and other relevant resources from nearby creatures that are ready to be harvested.
• Throwing bait can attract a large number of creatures to one location.
• Throwing specialist carnivore bait can distract and placate angry or predatory creatures.
• Creatures that have been tamed by supplying their desired bait can be ridden. Creatures will still attempt to go about their own business, but their routines can be shaped by their rider.
• Upper body gestures may be used when seated or riding a creature.
• The Nutrient Processor and the Portable Refiner now display a marker when they are not placed within a base.

• Nada and Polo now use a larger range of animations.
• Improved the visuals for the Space Station entrance beam.
• Entirely reworked and expanded the cockpits of all ships.
• Increased the amount by which you can look around the starship cockpit.
• Added fully modelled cockpits / interiors for all the Exocraft and the Nautilon Submarine.
• Starship exteriors can now be seen while inside the starship.
• Improved the particle effects for the Scatter Blaster and the Blaze Javelin.
• Increased the scale of starships. Landing pads and docking areas across the galaxy have been expanded to cope with the new larger ships. As a result, landing pads in existing bases have been refunded.
• Improved the visual detail on fighters, haulers and shuttles.
• Added ramps to the front of the Space Station balcony platforms.
• Fixed a number of issues where trees and rocks could not be run over by Exocraft.
• Trade Outposts now have ladders to climb up to the platform.

• The Exosuit torch can now be turned on whatever the time of day.
• While the Pulse Engine is engaged, the central ship screen now displays a clearer message about fuel use.
• Technology can now be installed in stages, allowing incomplete tech to be placed in an inventory and its individual components added over time.
• Technology can now be moved after installation.
• Significantly overhauled the system for pinning instructions for building technologies, products and base parts.
• Added the ability to pin a substance and receive directions for where to find it.
• Removed the Advanced Mining Laser requirement from large trees on lush planets.
• Added an Antimatter Reactor base part that generates antimatter over time.
• Added specific efficient Starshield Batteries for use in starship combat.
• Added ‘Warp Hypercores’, a large hyperdrive fuel unit with five times the capacity of a regular Warp Cell.
• Increased the base mining speed of the Mining Beam.
• Fixed a bug that caused resource notifications to stack up while playing without the HUD.
• Reduced the length of time resource notifications are displayed when you have multiple resources stacked up.
• Added alerts when new items are encountered or recorded to the Catalogue.
• Added the Optical Drill, a Mining Beam upgrade that increases the resources gained from mining.
• Added the Launch System Recharger, a starship upgrade that automatically recharges the Launch Thrusters over time.
• Added an extra slot to the starting Multi-Tool.
• When installing an upgrade module, the correct inventory is automatically selected.
• Adjusted the probabilities of low, medium and high security planets in Normal Mode.
• Adjusted the timers of Sentinel patrols on lower security planets.
• In normal mode, allowed some planets to never spawn Sentinel drones.
• Added a chance to collect geodes when mining rocks or asteroids. Geodes can be analysed to extract large quantities of substances.
• Increased the base speed of all Refiner units.
• In normal mode, increased the slot storage limit for substances from 250 to 10,000.
• Increased the wealth levels at which higher tiers of pirates will attack.
• Increased the base energy levels of the Mining Beam and the Terrain Manipulator, allowing for less frequent recharging.
• Replaced the ‘Find specific building’ component of the Signal Booster with a system of planetary charts. Acquire planetary charts from Space Station Cartographers.
• Navigation Data can be traded for planetary charts. Collect Navigation Data when saving and charting at waypoints and save beacons.
• Using the Terrain Manipulator to mine basic ground will award silicate powder, which can be used to refine glass.
• Added a note on the interaction label of NPCs that have already been visited.
• When craftable products are the current mission objective, they are automatically pushed to the top of the product list.
• Adjusted the frequency of rare asteroids.
• When buying a freighter, it now comes with some basic cargo already in the inventory.
• Increased the minimum speed while in space combat, creating better combat handling in most conditions.
• Increased the maximum speed while flying in space.
• Added a degree of roll when banking in planetary flight.
• The warning triangle in the cockpit is no longer displayed when the Pulse Engine is not being requested.
• Added a cockpit throttle indicator to show current thrust settings.
• The ‘Shields Down’ message is no longer displayed when claiming an abandoned ship.
• The ‘How to land the ship’ notification no longer displays immediately after planetary takeoff.
• When charging the Pulse Engine, the current autopilot target marker is now highlighted.
• Missions now add hints to highlight the relevant items in the build and crafting menus.
• Inventory popups are now closed automatically if you click outside of them.
• Tweaked the weighting of mission selection in the mission board to give a better range of available missions.
• Increased the likelihood of procedural upgrade modules being relevant to the player’s current tech setup.
• Added several new environmental protection Exosuit upgrades.
• Ammunition is automatically promoted to the top of the crafting list if players try to reload but have no available ammo.
• Increased the default stack size for Ammunition.
• The Mining Beam now has a much higher base heat capacity.
• Reworked the Mining Beam overheat mechanic: the beam now cools down correctly rather than instantly resetting; the Mining Beam does more damage as it approaches max heat; the Mining Beam changes colour as it approaches max heat.
• Innes has walked over 1400 miles. His journey continues.
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Re: No Man's Sky

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No, si al final se están ganando la redención a pulso. Puede que les indulte en navidad :mrgreen:
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Re: No Man's Sky

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Hola,tengo una duda.Tengo un carguero y he conseguido una nave.Ahora tengo 2 y dicen que puedo tener en el carguero hasta 6 naves.Como hago para traer la otra nave al carguero.Le doy a llamar a otra nave,pero dice que no puede atracar
Pd. Ya esta cuando llegas al carguero y te bajas,cargas el juego y ya aparecen las 2 naves
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Re: No Man's Sky

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Vamos actualizar un poco esto jeje
Despues de Beyond actualizacion de agosto vinieron varios parches de correccion de Bugs concretamente 24 parches de correcion :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

y lanzaron otra actualizacion llamada SYNTHESIS

Patch notes
Ship Salvage
Introduced a new ship salvaging mechanic. Visit the ship salvage module at a space station to perform a number of ship operations, including salvaging a ship for scrap.
Scrap includes valuable products, new technologies and an inventory augmentation, allowing the expansion of another starship’s inventory.
Starship inventories can also be upgraded for a significant amount of units.
The starship outfitting station also has the ability to upgrade the class of starships that are not yet S-Class. This upgrade requires a significant amount of nanites.

Terrain Editing
Significantly optimised the Terrain Manipulator for smoother planetary editing.
Improved the visual effects when editing terrain with the Terrain Manipulator.
Added a flattening mode to the Terrain Manipulator to allow quick and easy flattening of a large area.
Added a ‘Restore’ mode to the Terrain Manipulator, allowing edits to be undone and the terrain restored to its previous state.
Edits made using the Terrain Manipulator within the bounds of a base are now protected in the same way as edits made by base parts, preventing them from being removed by further editing outside the base.
Fixed a number of issues where protected base part edits were being used up by things that did not need protection, causing bases to run out of available terrain edits too early.
Fixed a range of issues that made using the Terrain Manipulator difficult in VR.

Added the ability for players to own more than one Multi-Tool. When purchasing a new Multi-Tool, there are now options to trade in or to outright purchase the tool.
Purchased Multi-Tools will be added to the Quick Menu for easy swapping.

VR / Non-VR Parity
Photo Mode is now available in VR.
Creatures may now be ridden in VR.
First-person cameras for the Exocraft are now available in non-VR.

Personal Refiner
Added a new technology, the Personal Refiner. This technology allows for elements to be refined directly within the Exosuit, without having to place a portable refiner on a planetary surface.

Added the ability to save a range of custom outfits in the Customiser, allowing for quick changes between a range of appearances.

Space Map
Improved the Space Map to bring greater clarity as to the position of other ships and planets.
Improved the compass while piloting in space, so it no longer displays objects in the centre of the compass if they are behind the starship.

Base Building
Significantly optimised freighter base building to increase the complexity limit, allowing more parts to be placed.
Optimised a number of standard base building parts, allowing more objects to be placed within the complexity limit.
Improved the accuracy of suggested snap points when placing base parts.
Improved the clarity and contrast of the base building part preview holograms.
Faded out the holograms of suggested snapping locations when placing base parts.
Added a range of new triangular basic building parts, opening a wide range of building possibilities.
Added an automatic harvester interaction to the Bio-Dome, allowing all plants to be collected at once.
Fixed a rare issue that could cause freighter bases to be reset to the default layout when summoning a freighter in a system that already had other freighters.
Fixed an issue that caused powered doors not to work even when powered.
Fixed an issue that caused decals to be invisible when viewed as a preview hologram.
Fixed an issue that limited some parts to snap rotation, preventing them from being smoothly rotated.
Fixed an issue where snapping audio would play repeatedly when placing base parts.
Fixed an issue on PC that caused the tip for how to scale/rotate parts to be wrong.
Fixed an issue that could occasionally prevent any objects being placed in a freighter base.
Fixed an issue affecting pre-Beyond saves that could cause their storage containers to stop working.
Fixed an issue that caused corridor pieces not to transmit power to parts placed within them.
Fixed a number of audio and snapping issues with the Terrarium and Aquarium base parts.
Fixed an issue that made plants difficult to place within planters and Bio Domes.
Improved the snapping of the fleet command rooms.
Fixed an issue that caused specialist terminals (Overseer, Scientist, etc) from snapping correctly.
Fixed an issue that caused the Light Table to be hard to position inside a base.
Fixed an issue where predators would attack players using the Building Camera.
Reduced the cost of building biofuel generators and solar panels.
Reduced the costs of several base parts, including the Base Computer, underwater rooms, Short-Range Teleporters, core rooms and basic pieces.
Moved the Short-Range Teleporter and its cabling to the appropriate technology groups in the Build Menu.
Fixed an issue that caused missing geometry when building foundations for Cuboid Rooms.
Fixed an issue that caused the roof hatch to be missing when building a ladder in a Cuboid Room.
Fixed an issue that prevented Cuboid Roof pieces from snapping correctly to Cuboid Rooms.
Added a plug socket to the Standing Lights, allowing them to be powered.
Fixed an issue that caused missing or bad icons to display in the mineral and gas extractor UIs.
Improved the camera when interacting with the Supply Depot.
Fixed a collision issue with the Gold Blob statue.
Removed Shutter Doors from the Construction Research Unit as these parts are no longer functional.
Removed Large Power Doors from the Construction Research Unit as these were not intended to exist as a placeable object.
Coloured lights now have specific individual names, so they are more clearly identifiable.
Fixed a number of VR-only issues with using the advanced rotational tools for base parts.
Fixed an issue that allowed players to delete a fleet command room that they were inside, plunging them into deep space.
Fixed an issue that could cause bases to appear slightly tilted when constructed on moons.

Inventory / UI Refinements
Items can now be picked up and dropped onto a piece of technology to repair or install it.
When moving items around the inventory, dropping an item onto another item will now cause them to swap positions.
When charging a piece of technology, it is now possible to adjust the size of the stack being used.
When transferring items to other players, it is now possible to adjust the size of the stack being sent.
Hazard protection upgrades that are not relevant to the current environment are now hidden from the quick recharge menu.
Increased the amount of available storage in a Storage Container from 5 to 20 slots.
Allowed Storage Containers to be given custom names.
The Galactic Trade Terminal interaction now opens directly to the shop interface.
Improved the clarity of the positive and negative percentages on the shop interface.
Shop amounts now wrap, so that selecting an amount smaller than 1 will wrap around to the max stack size.
On PC, enabled the adjustment of shop amounts with keys.
Fixed an issue that caused shop items to reorder themselves unexpectedly while buying and selling.
The Exosuit backpack displayed in the UI now matches the players’ chosen backpack customisations.
Increased the speed at which dialog text prints out if players choose to skip the dialog.
Unified many of the background colours for product icons so that colours correspond to the broad function or purpose of the product.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to accidentally change subinventory if interaction buttons were mapped to the same key as an inventory toggle (for example, cycling to another inventory when attempting to analyse a geode).
Repeated interactions with Traveller Iteration Ares now use a short form of the conversation, to make batch hand-ins faster.
The stat bars displayed when viewing a starship have been tweaked so that they better reflect the true status of the ship’s base stats and upgrades.
The popup for weapons installed in the starship show the peak potential damage for that weapon, accounting for all installed upgrades.
The Space Station Cartographer has been changed to use the full trade interface, allowing players to buy as many charts as they like, as well as choosing specific charts.
When collecting items, they will now be added to any preexisting stacks if those stacks are in the Cargo inventory.
Fixed an issue that prevented some gathered resources from being stored in the cargo inventory, causing the inventory to be reported as full when it was not.
Fixed an issue that caused items to be lost when transferring partial stacks to an inventory with a different stack limit.
Fixed an issue that could close the refiner UI when changing stack sizes.
Fixed an issue that prevented the correct currency from displaying in the top left when using various research/unlock UIs such as the Construction Research Unit.
Improved the display of the Currency Received alerts.
Improved the information in the Analysis Visor when looking at other player’s ships.
Fixed an issue that prevented the correct Analysis Visor information from displaying when used on the Space Station or Space Anomaly.
When collecting rewards from an expedition, the ‘Inventory Full’ message now makes it more clear which inventory is full.
Increased the padding between the start and end of a sentence when text wraps around.
The Catalogue now uses the full popup detail, showing the stats and requirements of products and technologies.

Performance and Visuals
Fixed an issue that caused the planetary cloud layer to intersect with asteroids and freighters.
A large number of stutters and hitches on the starfield and warp tunnel loads have been smoothed out.
In PSVR on base PS4s, removed incorrect water reflection effects.
Fixed an issue that could cause significant visual jitteriness on PS4.
Introduced a significant shadow rendering optimisation.
Fixed an issue that caused a significant performance problem when viewing shop pages.
Improved performance while building freighter bases.
Improved the display of textures when low on graphics memory.
Introduced a number of shader, terrain and water rendering optimisations.
Improved the appearance of asteroids.
Introduce a number of minor optimisations to terrain generation.
Fixed a number of LODing issues with trees and grass, improving the visuals on some specific lush planets.
Fixed an issue that caused particles to flicker when directly in front of the camera.

Upgrades and Technology
Grenade style weapons now require the Multi-Tool to be unholstered before firing, reducing the chance of accidental detonation while navigating the UI.
Improved the combat performance of the starship Phase Beam.
Improved the combat performance of the starship Rockets.
Improved the performance of the Infra-Knife Accelerator.
Increased the base speed of the Pulse Drive for faster interplanetary travel.
Added new Pulse Drive upgrades that improve the fuel efficiency and speed of the Pulse Drive.
When on a frigate, the jetpack now recharges faster.
Added new technologies that improve the recharge rate and duration of sprint.
Added a jetpack upgrade that allows the jetpack to recharge while the player is falling.
Added an Emergency Warp upgrade that can be accessed from the Quick Menu. This technology allows for an instantaneous escape from space combat, at the cost of breaking the technology and warping you to an unknown destination.
Increased the size of the freighter technology inventory.
Added a new freighter technology, the Matter Beam. This allows items to be sent to and from the freighter from anywhere in the system.
Freighters no longer have unlimited access to all star classes and must have their hyperdrives upgraded in the same manner as a starship. New freighter hyperdrive technologies are available to research on the bridge.
The torch is now turned on automatically when entering a dark area.
Fixed an issue where the upgrade for the Infra-Knife accelerator had the same name as the upgrade for the Photon Cannon.

General Quality of Life and Polish
Creatures can now be mounted after feeding them creature pellets. Harvesting and/or milking creatures still requires specific bait.
The stack size for creature pellets has been increased.
Enabled the riding of blob-style creatures.
Improved the riding animations for diplos and proto-Gek creatures.
Added audio events to the dialog system to enrich the text experience.
Allowed players to permanently accumulate teleport destinations outside of their home (ie furthest progress) galaxy. Teleport destinations are no longer removed when leaving other galaxies.
In space combat, players who evade enemy fire for long enough will be able to activate the Pulse Drive and escape.
When mission markers lead to a point inside a building, the marker is now placed on the door of the building until the player is inside.
If players die in space outside of their ship, their inventory is no longer removed or damaged.
Fixed an issue that caused NPC ships to land at landing pads where the player ship was being summoned.
NPC ships may no longer land at the last unoccupied landing pad at a player base.
The feedback received when shooting an object with an ineffective Multi-Tool mode (using the mining laser against armoured doors, for example) has been improved.
Fixed an issue with mouse sensitivity when using ship free look, if the flight settings used Locked rather than Tethered controls.
Made a number of improvements to the system of practising language with NPCS.
Improved the rewards for practising language with NPCs.
Increased the variety of responses when practising language with NPCs.
Improved the turning animations of flying lizards.
Improved the dialogue of the Guild Envoy NPCs.
The tutorial for learning Antimatter has been streamlined.
The sell price of cooking products has been increased.
The nanite rewards from Iteration Cronus have been increased.
The effects of eating cooked products are now slightly more diverse.
Reduced the repair cost of crashed freighter containers.
Reduced the repair costs of various items of debris found on planet surfaces.
Sped up a number of often used interactions with technology merchants and ship traders.
When starting a new game, the Personal Forcefield is in the list of pre-known technologies.
The colour of the mineral deposit and buried technology icons in the Analysis Visor has been tweaked slightly, so that they stand out from other planetary landmarks.
The fuel cost to charge a Biofuel Reactor has been reduced.
The cost to charge a HoloTerminus while searching for Artemis has been reduced.
The cost to activate Portal Glyphs has been reduced.
When starting a new game, players will begin with two cargo slots available.
The cost of upgrading the first few cargo slots has been reduced.
Improved the icons for planetary charts, so it is more clear which chart leads to which destination.
Improved the icons and descriptions for procedural upgrade modules.
Hints about geodes are now only displayed in the appropriate environment for that geode.
Reduced the health of Metal ‘Fingers’.
Improved the text description when a player is killed by jellyfish or abyssal horrors.
Other miscellaneous text improvements.

Fixed a number of issues that could cause players in multiplayer to desync.
Fixed a number of issues that could cause players in the same multiplayer session to be unable to see other.
Fixed a rare issue that could cause players never to see others in multiplayer.
Fixed a number of issues where players would be locked out of interactions while in multiplayer or the Space Anomaly.
Fixed an issue that could cause single player mission markers to all move to the current system when entering the Space Anomaly.
Reduced the number of base parts required when building bases for Nexus missions.
Added more information to multiplayer chat alerts about where players are flying to.
Added chat alerts to other members of your group when you take damage.
Added more chat alerts to let other players in group know about your mission progress – for example, collecting an item or requiring more of a substance to build a part.
Reduced the number of chat messages sent when engaging pirates in a multiplayer mission.
Fixed an issue where some multiplayer chat alerts were being seen in single player.
Added a confirmation when beginning a multiplayer mission from the Nexus on your own.
Added a confirmation when using the Space Anomaly teleporter while in the ready-up phase of a Nexus mission.
Improved the clarity of the text message when saving progress in multiplayer.
Fixed an issue that could cause Sentinel drones to vanish in multiplayer after a player had died.
Fixed an issue that caused vehicle damage to ignore multiplayer permissions, permitting player damage against players with PvP disabled.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to be incorrectly listed as part of a multiplayer session after they had left a mission.
Terrain edited around key community goals can now be undone by any player.

Discovery PageImagen
The Discovery Page system view now opens to the right section for your current system.
When opening the Discovery Page, the planet page is now opened first if you are currently on a planet.
Fixed an issue that prevented the ‘Upload All’ button from working in the Discovery Page.
In the Discovery Page system view, planets can be hovered over to quickly see their available resources.
Discoveries in the Discovery Page can now be rotated.
Added a marker to the system view on the Discovery Page that shows the player’s current planetary location.
Undiscovered planets in the Discovery Page are now desaturated, making it more clear which planets have been mapped.
Improved the text on the Discovery Page that describes the habitat of a creature.
Fixed several issues that caused variable names to display on the Discovery Page instead of the correct text.
Improved the animation of discoveries in the Discovery Page.
A creature’s desired bait is now featured with its other information on the Discovery page.
The tabs that cycle discovery type in the Discovery Page are now directly clickable.
When opening the Discovery Page immediately after discovering a creature, the page is opened directly on that creature.
Improved the appearance of the Discovery Page on dead planets.
Fixed an issue that caused bone and scrap to be displayed incorrectly on the Discovery Page.
Fixed an issue that caused text clipping in the Discovery Page.
Fixed an issue that could cause the Multi-Tool, starship or Exosuit backpack to appear in the Discovery Page.
Fixed an issue that caused untranslated text to appear in the Discovery Menu popups.
Fixed an issue that caused fish to be described as if they were land creatures when reading their full descriptions on the Discovery Page.
Fixed a number of scaling issues when viewing creatures in the Discovery Page.
Fixed an issue that caused the discovery progress gauge to display incorrectly in non-standard resolutions.
Fixed an issue that caused flying creatures to be listed as ground-based in their discovery hint.
Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause flying creatures to be described as ground-based in their full descriptions.

VR Bug Fixes
Fixed a VR issue that caused the Multi-Tool to be instantly holstered while looking at the Multi-Tool menu.
Fixed an issue that prevented VR players from being able to choose the warp position of their freighter when summoning it from the Quick Menu.
Fixed an issue that caused the player’s right hand to be incorrectly aligned when using the DualShock4 in PSVR.
In VR, the hands are now hidden when hand controls are not being used.
Fixed an issue that caused the player’s left hand to constantly make a whooshing sound when using a DualShock4 in PSVR.
Fixed a visual corruption issue in the warp tunnel effect in VR.
Fixed an issue that caused the HoloController (visible when using the DualShock4 in VR) to be incorrectly aligned.
Fixed an issue that caused melee attacks to be activated too easily on Index controllers.
Fixed an issue that caused the Analysis Visor tip text to contain information that was inaccurate in VR.
Fixed an issue that prevented VR players from handing in delivery missions at trade outposts.

General Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue that prevented objects from being interacted with while the Terrain Manipulator menu or the Quick Menu were open. Interacting will now close the menu.
Fixed an issue that could prevent item names from displaying when looking for objects with the Analysis Visor.
Fixed an issue that caused Guild Envoys to give invalid products as rewards.
Fixed an issue that cause Vortex Cubes and oxygen plants to leave collision behind when they were collected.
Fixed an issue that caused the Nutrient Processor to have the icon of a pile of dung when viewed through the Analysis Visor.
Fixed an issue that could make it difficult to pulse drive towards mission markers.
Fixed a rare issue that could cause buildings to be missing when loading a game.
Fixed an issue that caused the starfield system labels to be in the wrong place at non-standard resolutions.
Fixed an issue that could cause the text in the loading starfield to flicker.
Fixed an issue that could cause the interact label to flicker.
Fixed an issue that caused a white square to flicker on screen when HUD markers are first drawn.
Fixed a number of UI alignment issues at non-standard resolutions.
Fixed an issue that caused multiple copies of other player’s bases to spawn.
Fixed an issue where NPCs on the Space Anomaly would change scale when turning.
Fixed an issue that could cause starships to become stuck in buildings shortly after takeoff.
Fixed an issue that caused repeated audio triggers when using the Analysis Visor.
Fixed an issue that caused rain audio to play while inside the Marine Shelter.
Fixed an exploit that allowed for infinite creation of stellar metals.
Fixed an item duplication exploit.
Fixed an issue that could cause markers on Beacons and other objects to vanish after using the Survey Device.
Fixed an issue that caused the torch to toggle incorrectly while the Terrain Manipulator is equipped.
Fixed an issue that prevented custom markers from being visible on the compass.
Fixed an issue that caused the VR ship cockpit handles to be lit up in non-VR.
Fixed an issue that caused the orientation of the starship to be incorrect after reloading.
Fixed an issue that caused glitchy player movement when using third-party Xbox controllers.
Prevented the ‘Initialise’ option at the start of the game from being unbound (and thus blocking people permanently).
Fixed an issue that caused the binding prompt to be reopened when rebinding something to the select button.
Fixed an issue that caused the Terrain Manipulator material selection menu to open without being selected.
Fixed an issue with the Exocraft Customiser that caused the camera to be far too close.
Fixed an issue that caused item stacks in the inventory to be boosted to their maximum size when warping in Creative Mode.
Fixed an issue that caused every orb on the Atlas Station to trigger after picking up one word stone.
Fixed an issue that caused already harvested planetary objects to reappear on load.
Fixed an issue that caused players to be warned about extreme Sentinels when in creative mode.
Fixed an issue that caused all ship pilots on an outpost or space station to look the same.
Fixed a rare issue that could cause new games to start outside of the Euclid galaxy.
Fixed a glitch in the gathering animation.
Fixed an issue that could cause lighting settings from exotic planets to be present when on a freighter, frigate or Space Station.
Fixed an issue that caused building markers to be all be transferred to a new system when boarding the Space Anomaly.
Fixed an issue that could cause starships to be forcibly docked with the Space Anomaly while flying freely around space.
Fixed an issue that could cause ships to stop land in midair without any input from the player.
Fixed an issue that could cause holes to appear in the terrain.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck after reloading a save aboard an Atlas Station.
Fixed an issue where an interaction camera could clip inside the geometry of ancient ruins.
Fixed an issue where mission steps that involve going through a portal would fail to display any text.
Fixed an issue that hid the ‘Low Standing’ warning when trying to accept a mission board mission you were not eligible for.
Fixed an issue that caused the large mission detail popups to be visible when using the Analysis Visor.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from finding a story-critical crashed freighter if they left the crash site.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from finding story-critical portals if they left the portal while it was in its active state.
Fixed a number of rare issues where core story missions would not trigger the next mission.
Fixed an issue that could prevent missions involving specialist NPCs from working if the NPCs were placed on a freighter.
Fixed a rare issue where players would not learn the hyperdrive blueprint at the correct point of the tutorial.
Fixed an issue that could cause hints about planetary charts to persist after using a chart.
Fixed a bug that caused mission tips to cycle rapidly if the hazard protection was charged by going into a cave at the start of the game.
Fixed a rare issue where some players with very old save games would never know the recipe for the Construction Research Unit.
Fixed a rare issue that could block mission progression at Artemis’ crashed ship.
Fixed an issue that caused the wrong text to appear when unable to afford a blueprint from a technology researcher on the Space Anomaly.
Added some mysterious text.
Fixed an issue where the first Atlas Station in the Artemis story had incorrect text.
Improved the messages when the starship is unable to activate the pulse drive, so that they are more informative about the reason.
Fixed some incorrect text in a Vy’keen NPC interaction.
Fixed an issue that caused overlapping text in the Surveying UI.
Improved the variety in the names and requirements of damaged objects that block inventory slots in damaged starships and Multi-Tools.
Fixed an issue that prevented the ‘Storm Clearing’ message from triggering.
Fixed an issue where inaccurate growing times were listed for plants placed in an unpowered planter.
Fixed an issue that caused the number of items ‘Available to Build’ in the building part information to be inconsistent or incorrect.
Fixed an issue that caused an audio trigger to play twice when opening doors on the Space Anomaly.
Added audio to the Mineral and Gas Extractors.
Fixed an issue that caused freighter captains to think players had purchased their freighter after the purchase was declined.
Fixed an issue that allowed research frigates to grant infinite system scans.
Fixed an issue that prevent the Fuel Oxidiser expedition upgrade from actually reducing expedition time.
Fixed an issue that prevented expedition upgrade descriptions from scrolling on the expedition details page.
Fixed an issue that caused player-owned ships not to be aboard their freighter after reloading.
Fixed an issue that prevented technology from being correctly installed in freighters after partially completing the installation.
Fixed an issue that prevent new expeditions from being started even though there were spare Fleet Terminals available.
Fixed an issue that caused C-Class frigates to be damaged more frequently than intended.
Fixed a rare issue that caused damage details to not be correctly displayed when viewing expedition results.
Fixed an issue that caused save problems when getting out of the starship onto a frigate.
Fixed an issue that caused expedition commanders to be invisible after returning from the freighter hanger.
Fixed an issue that caused diplomatic frigates to give the wrong reward.
Fixed an issue that could result in players becoming stuck in the freighter Navigator interaction after starting an expedition.
Fixed an issue that caused the freighter hanger to be invisible while performing operations on the starship from inside the freighter base.
Fixed an issue that caused the starship hyperdrive range to be used to plot freighter hyperdrive routes.
Fixed an issue that could cause freighters to spawn but not be visible.
Fixed an issue that caused placeholder text to appear in the UI for transferring items to a freighter.
Fixed an issue that caused the freighter bridge / hanger to be incorrectly turned on and off while docking.
Fixed a rare crash in the inventory system.
Fixed an issue that could cause an out of memory crash on Vulkan GPUs.
Fixed a crash in the Xbox networking system.
Fixed a crash in the waypointing system.
Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with another player’s freighter storage containers.
Fixed a rare crash in the projectile system.
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Re: No Man's Sky

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posterior a Synthesis tambien hubieron parches de correciones e introducioron la capacidad de generar "musica" en un parche llamado BYTEBEAT ... -bytebeat/

2.24 Patch Notes

Added a new base prop, the ByteBeat Device. ByteBeat allows players to generate and compose their own procedural music. Switches and cabling have been added to allow this music to control other base features.

To prevent accidental selling, the Galactic Trade Terminal in the Space Station now defaults to buying, rather than selling.
The ability to edit terrain in a multiplayer game is now its own permission setting, alongside the permission to edit a base.
Restored the ‘Friends Only’ multiplayer permission setting, distinct from people in your group but not in your friends list.
Fixed an issue where freighters bought before the Synthesis Update would be limited to 4 tech slots.
Fixed a hang that could occur when comparing freighters.
Fixed an issue where upgraded starships always rolled the worst possible stat ranges for their class. The chosen stat is now based on the unique seed for that ship.
The upper bounds for some starship stats has been increased on haulers, fighters and exploration starships, so that exotic ships are no longer guaranteed to the best at each specialisation.
Added the ability to see a starships’ stats through the Analysis Visor, including the difference between ‘core’ and ‘upgraded’ stats.
Fixed an issue that caused the displayed shield strength stat of a starship to be incorrect.
Fixed an issue that added one shell to the Position Ejector’s clip size when adding reload speed upgrades.
Fixed an issue with GTAO that caused many planets to appear slightly too dark.
Added a new ‘Ultra’ setting for GTAO on PC.

Plants placed in a base now get slightly bigger as they grow.
Interactive objects that have been used are now hidden on the compass and in the Analysis Visor.
Fixed an issue that could prevent players from using their secondary weapon if they only have one secondary weapon installed.
Fixed an issue that allowed players to equip weapons in a number of circumstances where weapons are not allowed.
Made a number of fixes to Nexus missions, including: reducing message spam during pirate-hunting missions; preventing missions from marking depots that have previously been destroyed; and preventing base-building missions from selecting planets with extreme Sentinels.
Added a multiplayer message when collecting mission-critical objects.
Vortex Cubes and Submerged Relics are no longer destroyed by the Terrain Manipulator.
Fixed an issue with the Exocraft camera that made it difficult to aim weapons.
Fixed an issue that caused newly installed Exocraft weapons to be unavailable until cycling weapons.

Unavailable options in the build menu are now greyed out rather than removed.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from deleting base parts while a wire is being placed.
Fixed a number of animation issues with the solar panel.
Improved the icon for the Teleport Cable.
Fixed an incorrect icon in a mission from the Abyss update.
Fixed an issue that caused some hostile plants to have incorrect HUD labels.
Fixed a number of issues with warning arrows and health bars in non-HD resolutions.
Fixed an issue that could cause players not to receive the correct rewards from Apollo’s contact.
Fixed an issue that caused the planetary hazard reading to be in degrees when on an anomalous world.
The amount of rust and other junk substances found in damaged planetary machine has been reduced.

Fixed a rare crash in the Build Menu.
Fixed a rare crash in the planet generation system.
Fixed a PC-only crashed related to getting player names for base parts.
On PS4, fixed a crash when redeeming pre-order bonus content (this fix was already live on other platforms).
On PS4, fixed an issue where falling off a frigate could lead to players continuing to fall after respawning (this fix was already live on other platforms).
Made a number of minor optimisations to the texture caching system.
Fixed a minor visual issue with water reflections in PSVR.
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Llegamos a dia de hoy lanzando la actualizacion LIVING SHIP
actualizacion que permite criar (tal como suena) naves biologicas

Patch notes

Living Ship
Introduced a new style of starship, the Living Ship.
These ships have their own exclusive range of organic technologies and cannot be upgraded by conventional means.
Adjust your playstyle to the restrictions and benefits of these organic techs, or hatch and evolve new procedural upgrades to grow your own custom ship.

Incubate your Void Egg and learn about the origin of the Living Ships with a new mission chain, Starbirth.
Completing these missions will hatch the Void Egg into your own procedurally generated Living Ship.
Additional ships may be hatched from subsequently incubated eggs.

Space Encounters
While using the Pulse Engine to fly between planets, there is a chance of encountering strange objects in local space.
Drop out of pulse-flight to begin the encounter.
A large range of strange objects and exotic rewards await…
Different encounters have different chances of occurring based on the characteristics of the solar system.

Trader Hails
As well as strange objects, players may also encounter passing trader ships.
These will hail the player while using the Pulse Engine and may need assistance, offer to trade, and more…

Quality of Life
If players are in a group but do not have a Nexus mission active, then when taking off from the Space Anomaly they can now choose to exit directly to the system of any other player in their group.
Fixed a number of issues that caused planetary charts and others scans to pick from too narrow a range of buildings. Players should no longer be sent repeatedly to the same building when using multiple charts.
Fixed an issue that caused distress signals to occasionally lead to a crashed ship site with no crashed ship.
Added an instant split button to allow players to quickly divide stacks of items in half.
Players can now hold down buttons to increase or decrease stack sizes, rather than having to press repeatedly.
Fixed an issue that prevented the Exocraft Summoning Station from working if placed within a base.
Improved the range of the Exocraft Summoning Station, so that it allows Exocraft to be summoned from anywhere in the system.
Planets that you have discovered no longer need to be repeatedly rescanned to see their resources from space.
Fixed an issue that caused the planetary resources popup to flicker while pulsing towards a planet.
Fixed an issue that made it difficult to enter Space Stations from tight angles.
Allowed starships to reverse during atmospheric flight if stuck in other geometry.
The automatic Launch System Recharger now functions while the player is sitting in the cockpit, if the ship is landed.
Improved VR swimming controls for VR devices that use thumbsticks.
Significantly increased the distance players are able to move the camera in Photo Mode.

Introduced a number of significant GPU optimisations to terrain rendering.
Introduced a number of significant optimisations to terrain generation.
Introduced a number of significant memory optimisations.
Introduced some minor load time optimisations.
Introduced some smaller optimisations and visual fixes to cloud rendering.
Introduced a number of water rendering optimisations for PSVR.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue that caused Proximity Switches to be activated by empty Exocraft.
Fixed an issue that prevented decals from working when customising Exocraft appearances.
Fixed an issue that caused the Analysis Visor UI to judder in VR.
Fixed a number of issues that made it difficult to warp to the centre of the galaxy.
Fixed an issue that caused the kill count to reset in the final mission for the Armourer if players entered a building during combat.
Fixed an issue that caused Carbon Planters to be unavailable for purchase.
Construction-style missions from the Nexus will properly mark the desired construction site if players leave the planet mid-mission.
Fixed a number of issues that prevented items from being taken out of or put into Storage Containers.
Fixed an issue where pirates would occasionally ask for wildly incorrect amounts when bargaining for peace.
Fixed an issue that could prevent special mission Portals on the Artemis path from functioning correctly if they were left while in an active state.
Fixed an issue that could cause a ship docked at a Trade Outpost to be placed underneath the landing pad when loading into the game.
Fixed an issue that caused the filter icons to be incorrectly aligned in the Galaxy Map.
Fixed a rare crash that could occur when warping to a base after having used a Portal.
Fixed a bug that allowed Nexus missions to be restarted from the mission log.
Fixed a number of issues that could cause Nexus missions to select inappropriate star systems.
Fixed an issue that could cause Nexus missions to send players to the wrong building.
Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause visual elements of the Personal Refiner to render in first person.
Fixed an issue that caused the Personal Refiner not to stop animating when refining was complete.
Fixed an issue that caused the names of unknown planets to be revealed by their moons.
Improved the position of HUD markers in the Analysis Visor UI.
Improved the positioning of the ship repair UI in VR.
Fixed an issue that could cause the ship crosshair to judder.
Fixed some minor text issues in missions objectives and the Guide.
Fixed an issue that could cause filters to apply incorrectly on the Space Station, Space Anomaly, frigates and freighters.
Fixed an issue that made the Space Anomaly too green when using HDR.
Fixed an issue that prevented the VR eject handles in ship cockpits from lighting up when the player first enters the ship.
Fixed a rare issue that allowed players to equip weapons in the Space Anomaly.
Fixed an issue that prevented Solar Panels from playing their audio.
Fixed an issue that could cause the torchlight to flicker while moving.
Fixed an issue that could cause recently used interactions to be reset shortly after loading.
Fixed an issue that caused an empty black dialogue box to appear when leaving a planetary Technology Merchant.
Fixed an issue that caused the Nutrient Processor’s inventory to be incorrectly labelled.
Updated the visuals of the Bytebeat Cable so it is distinct from the Teleport Cable.
Fixed an issue with the Bytebeat Switch that caused the On Arpeggio Note output to fire when not playing an arpeggio.
Fixed an issue with the Bytebeat Switch that caused note colours to be reversed.
Fixed an issue with the Bytebeat Switch that caused triggers to be sent for parts that are not active in the Synchroniser.
Fixed an issue in the Bytebeat that caused visuals to go out of sync when editing tempo.
Fixed a number of minor glitches when scrubbing in the Bytebeat UI.
Fixed an issue that caused pirate probes to always fail when the Pulse Engine was active.
Fixed an issue that caused the Pulse Engine tutorial to incorrectly appear in the middle of combat.
Fixed a text mismatch in the standing rewards, where Mercenary and Explorers Guild standing rewards were mislabeled.
Fixed an issue that could cause the Surveying Tutorial to move on before the player had actually learned the Survey Device.
Fixed an issue that prevented the Show HUD binding from working on PC keyboard controls when piloting a ship.
Fixed an issue that caused a number of building parts to be unknown when starting a Creative Mode game, including industrial Silos.
Fixed an issue that caused Black Holes not to warp players if they were somehow approached on foot.

Hoy se ha anunciado la novena actualización de No Man's Sky con una sorpresa que los jugadores no han visto venir. Se trata de la implementación de naves biológicas que los jugadores pueden críar desde que están en un huevo y hasta que se convierten en vehículos que se pueden pilotar a lo largo y ancho de la galaxia.

Este parche 2.3 añade estos vehículos que tienen una cabina única, diseños especiales y que suponen una de las incorporaciones más originales que ha recibido el juego, que ya de por sí es bastante único desde su concepción.

Con la actualización también llega una mayor variedad al juego a la hora de explorarlo, pues habrá diferentes puntos de interés nuevos que se pueden explorar mientras navegamos los diferentes sistemas solares. Las naves de los NPCs ahora también aparecerán paseando por el espacio. Junto a todo esto también llegarán varias mejoras de calidad de vida generales.

Esta es la primera actualización que llega al juego después de que en Hello Games compartieran sus deseos de lanzar actualizaciones más frecuentes haciendo que sean un poco más ambiciosas que otras anteriores como Next y Beyond, actualizaciones que llevaron casi un año de trabajo cada una. El estudio ha aclarado que trabajan en actualizaciones más radicales en segundo plano, pero mientras irán lanzando cosas como la que nos presentan hoy.

Otras actualizaciones "menores" lanzadas en los últimos meses añadieron novedades como el sintetizador ByteBeat que permite crear música desde cero en el juego y Synthesis, una actualización que añadía varias mejoras solicitadas por los jugadores.

Hace mucho que los de Sean Murray consiguieron redimirse de un lanzamiento desastroso donde pesaron demasiado algunas mentiras contadas durante los meses previos al estreno. Aunque ahora No Man's Sky no se parezca mucho a lo que era en el momento de su estreno, sí que es un título verdaderamente único y ambicioso que no ha dejado de cuidar a su comunidad.

Lo más llamativo de este parche es su tráiler, narrado con la voz del conocido Rutger Hauer, que visitó hace unos meses Hello Games y decidió escribir unas líneas especiales recordando a su propio monólogo en Blade Runner como Roy Batty, el célebre androide Nexus 6.


Bueno pues eso es todo hasta cuando vuelvan a incorporar mas "chorradillas" en esta locura espacial haha :D :D :D
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Re: No Man's Sky

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Lo jugué a la salida, igual viene siendo el momento de reinstalarlo... gracias por el aviso.
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Re: No Man's Sky

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Critiqué mucho a este juego en su momento, de forma totalmente merecida y ganada a pulso.

Pero es de recibo decir que Hello Games siga trabajando en el, cuando podrían haber cortado hace tiempo su mantenimiento, es de agradecer.

Nada de esto quita que lanzaran un juego roto, y que mintieran descaradamente, mas que debieron esperar años para que sus compradores disfrutaran de algo digno.

Pero al menos han conseguido que su marca de empresa no quede hundida de modo irremediable.

Jamas les compraría un juego de salida a esta gente, pero puede que si que lo haga una vez comprobado como es realmente. Y eso ya es mas de lo que hace unos años diría.
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Re: No Man's Sky

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"El arte supremo de la guerra es someter al enemigo sin luchar." -Sun Tzu-
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Re: No Man's Sky

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No Man's Sky ya permite el juego cruzado entre plataformas

El juego está disponible para los usuarios de Xbox One y PC a través de Xbox Game Pass


No Man's Sky no deja de remontar y olvidar la decepción que fue su lanzamiento en 2016. A base de actualizaciones gratuitas y de escuchar a los jugadores, desde Hello Games están cosechando cifras excelentes para un juego que parecía no tener mucho futuro. A través de la cuenta oficial del juego en Twitter hemos sabido que la opción de juego cruzado entre plataformas está ya activa.

Dicha opción está disponible para jugadores de Xbox One, PlayStation 4 y PC, así que entre todos podrán jugar en compañía y descubrir lo que el universo les tiene preparado. Para diferenciar a los jugadores entre plataformas contaremos con un icono al lado de los nombres de jugador, que si es de nuestra misma plataforma nos mostrará el logo de la compañía y si es de otra plataforma solamente veremos un mando. Para crear o unirnos a grupos de jugadores de otras plataformas simplemente se tendrá que hacer a través de la nueva y sencilla interfaz creada por Hello Games.

Esta nueva actualización incluye mejoras en el rendimiento con las gafas VR, que para algunos usuarios la experiencia no estaba tan pulida como se podía esperar. Además, podremos transcibir un audio a texto e incluso traducirlo de forma automática
Las notas del parche las podéis leer haciendo click ... -mans-sky/


Una Actualizacion rarilla mas jeje, segun rumores se espera para un poco mas adelante Agosto??? una actualizacion gorda, tiendo en cuenta que para verano siempre lanzan las actualizaciones mas grandes veremos o quizas sea mas adelante
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Re: No Man's Sky

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Nueva actualizacion de NO MAN'S SKY llamada Desolation

No Man's Sky presenta Desolation, su última actualización con toques de survival horror
La actualización 2.6 introduce como principal novedad la exploración en busca de recursos de cargueros en penumbra repletos de vida alienígena; también se introducen mejoras gráficas y al combate.


La nueva actualización de No Man's Sky llega el juego de exploración espacial procedimental por derroteros muy distintos a los navegados en los últimos contenidos. Desolation, la actualización 2.6, tiene toques de survival horror claramente inspirados por Alien: los jugadores tendrán que introducirse en siniestros cargueros abandonados, con la tripulación desaparecida y repletos de nidos alienígenas que pueden eclosionar en cualquier momento.

Estos cargueros abandonados se pueden encontrar a lo largo y ancho del espacio exterior, pero se pueden comprar coordenadas para saber dónde hay uno de ellos, aunque no será barato. El interior de los escenarios está generado de manera procedimental, por lo que nunca una nave será igual que la anterior.

La ambientación está inspirada por películas como Alien y juegos como Dead Space (aunque con menos vísceras): los sistemas de los cargueros han fallado, por lo que las luces están apagadas, los sistemas gravitatorios funcionan de manera errática y la inteligencia artificial del vehículo ha enloquecido, activando las torretas y otros sistemas de seguridad.





A esos peligros habrá que sumar una "presencia alienígena siniestra". Habrá nidos en los interiores de los cargueros, y el ruido o el movimiento puede hacer que eclosionen sus huevos, provocando que todo se llene de unas criaturas de distinto tipo.

El objetivo en estos entornos será descubrir qué ha ocurrido con los tripulantes de la nave. Esas historias, generadas también procedimentalmente, se componen de varios archivos de los trabajadores del carguero, y una vez recopilados todos se podrá acceder al archivo del capitán y saber lo que ocurrió.


Mejoras visuales y de gameplay
La actualización 2.6 añade varias mejoras gráficas en los efectos de Bloom (hace que la iluminación sea más resplandeciente y realista); en los flares y los efectos de halo que generan las fuentes más potentes de luz, como el Sol; y se han añadido fuentes de luz volumétricas, algo que se apreciará notablemente en los cargueros abandonados.

Además de esa historias procedimentales, en los cargueros se podrán conseguir actualizaciones para mejorar el carguero del jugador, así como partes de personalización; igualmente, también se pueden obtener warp drives para mejorar las naves y las habilidades. Los cargueros ahora se pueden cambiar de color y su inventario es accesible desde el menú de inventario general. También se pueden construir módulos de teletransporte en cargueros, permitiendo viajar entre bases, estaciones espaciales y naves capitales.







El combate también se ha mejorado. Las armas multiherramienta ahora son más rápidas, dinámicas y satisfactorias de usar, según Hello Games. El propio diseño de las armas, así como la visibilidad de los proyectiles, sus miras y el temblor de la pantalla al disparar, también se han actualizado. Para concluir, se han añadido más misiones cooperativas y títulos para el jugador



2.6 Patch notes
- Added a new category of space encounter, the Derelict Freighter. These can be landed on and explored.
Derelict freighters are procedurally generated, with an infinite array of potential layouts.
Derelict freighters contain large volumes of valuable salvage, as well as special new rewards.
Each star system has one derelict freighter style, allowing Travellers to share the portal address of systems with particularly interesting wrecks.
- Derelict freighters are home to several new hostile entities, including security turrets, aggressive drones, and a new variety of biological horror.
- Derelict freighters contain procedurally generated stories, with data logs to be found and the crew’s fate to be unravelled.
- New lore and story content can be found when retrieving the captain’s log.

- Derelict freighters are occasionally detected by the starships’ subspace radar while using Pulse Drive. However, they can be specifically sought out by purchasing an Emergency Broadcast Receiver from the Space Station’s new Scrap Dealer.
- Emergency Broadcast Receivers are expensive and may escalate in accordance with demand. Prices reset each day.
- Each week, Iteration Helios offers a free Emergency Broadcast Receiver.
- Derelict freighters offer many lucrative rewards:
Valuable items and a large number of nanites.
The opportunity to sell the data logs for nanites or standing.
The ability to use the derelict freighter’s engineering system to extract a piece of the freighter’s technology to fit into your own capital ship.
The ability to use the derelict freighter’s engineering system to generate new inventory slots for your capital ship. Take new expandable bulkheads to the Upgrade Station on your freighter bridge to apply them.

- The Upgrade Station on the freighter bridge can be used to recolour your freighter. Unlock new available colours with nanites. Unlocked colours are permanently available and can be reapplied for free.

- Storage Containers built upon a freighter base now add tabs to the freighter’s inventory page, allowing quick management of freighter inventory contents.

- Fixed an issue that prevented the installation of technology within a freighter’s general inventory.
- Improved the display and clarity of the stats displayed on the freighter inventory screen.
- Teleporters can now be built aboard Freighter Bases. These variants do not require power. They can be used to teleport to other teleporters, or to the Space Station.

- Capital ships now contribute stats to the success of fleet expeditions. Different freighters have different base levels of Fleet Coordination. This stat can be improved with new procedural technologies salvaged from derelict or abandoned freighters.
- The expedition UI now shows the difference between stats contributed by the fleet and stats contributed by temporary frigate upgrades or any capital ship technologies.
- Fixed an issue that could cause an expedition to be started while adding or browsing available temporary frigate upgrades.

- Added hover text to all colour, texture and armour style options to the buttons in the customiser, allowing players to know ahead of time what option they are selecting.

- Added a new item, the Anomaly Detector, occasionally found when mining asteroids. This strange device will help locate an anomalous space object.

- Added the ability to add a custom Title to your player name.
Titles can be selected at the Customiser.
Titles are earned for a large variety in in-game achievements.

- Sentinel health has been lowered, but once alerted and hunting the player, they now spawn in larger groups.
- Sentinel weapon speeds have been adjusted to improve the feel of combat.
- Player projectiles and aiming have been adjusted to improve the feel of combat.
- In general, player weapon reload speeds have been reduced and clip sizes increased.
- The base damage of the Boltcaster has been increased.
- Ricochet is no longer in the pool of procedural upgrades. Specific technologies have been added to the research tree on the Space Anomaly that will add ricochet functionality to weapons if desired.
- The Boltcaster and the Scatter Blaster now fire in bursts. Holding down fire will trigger short gaps between salvos. These can be adjusted with new technologies.
- Increased the speed of Boltcaster and Scatter Blaster projectiles, making it easier to hit targets.
- Added tracer lines to the Boltcaster projectiles.
- Increased the minimum damage of the Blaze Javelin if firing without charging.
- Decreased the cooldown time for the Blaze Javelin.
- Tightened the FOV while in combat.
- Added custom reticles for each weapon mode.
- Impact effects and targeting status is now shown on the reticle.
- The Blaze Javelin charge status is now shown on the reticle.
- Increased the speed of the FOV zoom when using the combat scope.
- Improved the impact effects and muzzle flashes of all weapons.
- Improved the camera shake and pad vibration during combat.
- Improved the clarity of the incoming damage indicator on the player HUD.
- Fixed an issue that caused the secondary weapon mode to be deselected when loading a save.

- Added a new style of Nexus multiplayer mission focused on exploration.
- Added a new style of Nexus multiplayer mission focused on rescuing stranded Travellers.
- Reworked the digsite Nexus multiplayer missions to allow progress from any type of bone, rather than requiring only very rare bones.
- Summoning the Space Anomaly while in Pulse Drive will now correctly disengage the Pulse Engine.
- Added a new item, the Repair Kit. This can be used to repair any damaged subcomponent, in place of its required materials. The kit is consumed upon use.

- Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using a shop in multiplayer.
- Introduced a minor optimisation to terrain generation.
- Introduced a new implementation for bloom post-processing effects.
- Improved lighting for bright and/or emissive props.
- Improved the quality and brightness levels of lens flare effects.
- Selected spotlights, such as the player torch, now make use of textured light patterns.
- Selected spotlights now display volumetric properties.

- When joining a multiplayer game from the frontend, if the player you are joining is on the Space Anomaly then you will spawn directly aboard the Anomaly with them.
- Fixed an issue that could cause flickering text on the Galaxy Map.
- Multiplayer player names are now shown when hovering over systems in the Galaxy Map.
- Fixed an issue that could cause players to start in an unsafe system when starting a new game in multiplayer.
- Fixed a number of network stability issues.
- Fixed an issue where player marker names would clash with their interaction prompt.
- Fixed a number of cases of chat message spam when entering or leaving the Space Anomaly.
- Fixed a number of issues that could cause missions to find incorrect targets when undertaking multiplayer missions from the Nexus.
- Fixed an issue that prevented photo missions working correctly on Xbox.
- Fixed an issue that could prevent players from summoning their freighter to RGB systems.
- Fixed a number of issues that could occur if players deleted the Void Egg before speaking to the Living Ship for the first time.
- Fixed a number of resolution scaling problems, including the discovery information popup, and damage and nearby Sentinel indicators.
- The HUD now correctly shows a damage indicator when the jetpack is broken.
- Fixed an issue with VR camera positioning when the player body is enabled.
- Added an option for VR head bob when the player body is enabled.
- Fixed an issue where VR weapon shadows would display outside of VR.
- Fixed an issue that could cause a moon to be labelled ‘of an unknown planet’ even after discovery
- Fixed a number of incorrect or missing icons in the Guide.
- Asteroid placement is now deterministic.
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Re: No Man's Sky

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Hello Games ha lanzado la actualización 3.0 para No Man's Sky, con el apodo "Origins". (ACTUALIZACION MASIVA)

El principal objetivo de este nuevo parche gratuito, que lleva 18 meses en desarrollo, es añadir variedad al universo del juego.

Para ello se han generado millones de planetas nuevos que albergarán nueva fauna (incluyendo los gusanos de arena gigantes, una de las omisiones de los tráilers originales) y nueva flora, tendrán más paletas de colores disponibles y podrán sufrir efectos atmosféricos como tormentas de fuego, tornados o rayos.

Junto a estas novedades se han introducido mejoras en la interfaz, opciones adicionales al Modo Foto, nuevos objetos que fabricar o mejoras en el menú de descubrimientos entre otras funciones.

Nuevos planetas

Sistemas Binarios y Ternarios

Dramatismo en el paisaje
Estos nuevos mundos tienen un terreno vasto y amplio. Sus montañas y vistas están en una escala nueva y colosal, dando forma a un paisaje más dramático e inspirador que nunca.

Si bien la flora, la fauna y las condiciones atmosféricas han cambiado en todo el universo, los mundos existentes conservarán su antiguo carácter, lo que permitirá que las bases de los jugadores permanezcan inalteradas.

Mejoras en el interface

Mayor diversidad y riqueza
Se ha insuflado nueva vida a todos los planetas del universo. Se ha vertido en la galaxia una gran variedad de flora y curiosidades planetarias nunca antes vistas. Innumerables combinaciones nuevas y extrañas están ahí fuera, esperando ser descubiertas ...

Nueva Fauna alien

Variedad de clima y nubes
La calidad de la representación de la nube se ha mejorado significativamente y el rango de cobertura de nubes se ha ampliado, creando más variedad entre cielos despejados y planetas cubiertos.

La cobertura y el color de las nubes ahora varían con el tiempo, y las nubes vistas desde el espacio ahora coinciden con las condiciones atmosféricas actuales del planeta de abajo.

Varios mundos fértiles han formado pantanos y marismas, espesos de niebla y crecimientos de hongos luminosos.

Paleta de color mejorada
Se ha aumentado la paleta de colores para la generación planetaria, creando más variaciones posibles que nunca.

Teletransportes mejorados
Se ha mejorado la interfaz del teletransportador. La interfaz de usuario ahora es consistente con el teletransportador Space Anomaly, y ahora ofrece más información disponible sobre el planeta o sistema objetivo antes de la deformación.

Modo Foto
El modo de fotografía se ha renovado, con nuevos filtros y un mayor control sobre las nubes, la niebla, las viñetas y la profundidad de campo.

Edificios Colosales
Enormes edificios se han levantado en horizontes planetarios, creando nuevos núcleos de vida extraterrestre. Estas enormes bóvedas son depósitos de datos, tesoros y direcciones a ruinas olvidadas hace mucho tiempo.

Historias historicas
Visita los colosales edificios del archivo para descubrir nuevas historias culturales y literarias, escondidas por antiguas civilizaciones alienígenas.

Varios planetas se han infestado con formas de vida anómalas y crecimientos vegetativos. Tenga mucho cuidado al explorar estos planetas.

Nuevas condiciones de iluminacion
El rango de iluminación atmosférica se ha ampliado, generando combinaciones más únicas de condiciones de iluminación en los planetas.

Edificios Anomalos
Se pueden descubrir asentamientos antiguos y abandonados en planetas muertos o anómalos, lo que aumenta la gama de planetas disponibles para misiones y exploración.

La disrupción tectónica ha estimulado los núcleos fundidos de algunos planetas, dando lugar a montañas volcánicas activas.

Tormentas de Fuego
Las tormentas en mundos de temperaturas extremas ahora a veces encienden fuego en la superficie del planeta.

Efectos de las tormentas de fuego en el juego
Los avances en la tecnología Exosuit y Multi-Tool permiten efectos beneficiosos de las tormentas.

Las ventiscas te permiten minar durante más tiempo con un rayo de minería enfriado; acelera aún más en tormentas tóxicas con la ayuda de la tecnología de procesamiento de gas Exosuit; beneficiate de una mayor eficiencia del jetpack en atmósferas sobrecalentadas; y extrae sustancias adicionales durante épocas de alta radiactividad.

Nuevos crafteos y Items
La artesanía se ha simplificado, con una serie de elementos que se utilizan con poca frecuencia para reducir el desorden del inventario. Se ha aumentado el tamaño de la pila de inventario de otros artículos de uso frecuente.

Ahora se pueden encontrar nuevos alijos de recursos bajo tierra, listos para desmantelar en partes utilizables.

Mejora en el nivel de detalle de terreno
Explore paisajes más agradables a la vista con una representación mejorada del terreno.
Ahora se utilizan mapas de ruido normal, altura y especulares, y se ha mejorado la combinación entre las normales de geometría y las normales de mosaico, lo que contribuye a un terreno más detallado, especialmente a largas distancias.

Configuracion de la calidad del planeta mejorada
En PC, la configuración "Ultra" para Planet Quality se ha actualizado, mejorando la apariencia y los detalles de la hierba y la flora a distancia.

Guia de Exploracion
El Registro de misiones ahora incluye un Registro de información local, que proporciona información detallada sobre el sistema o planeta actual.

El registro también ayuda a los exploradores a rastrear la gama completa de fauna, flora y minerales para descubrir en cada planeta.

Mejora en los portales
Travellers may now slip through portals and explore their destination freely, with no portal interference. An infinite universe has become more accessible.

Se pueden observar meteoritos chocando contra la atmósfera de los planetas. Sea testigo de las brillantes lluvias de meteoritos o de las estrellas fugaces solitarias que surcan el cielo, pero tenga cuidado de no acercarse demasiado.

Anomalias Gravitatorias
Los planetas anómalos pueden exhibir cambios gravitacionales repentinos, lo que permite vuelos dramáticos a través de un entorno de baja gravedad.

Los poderosos tornados ahora giran en espiral a través de los planetas durante las tormentas más fuertes, recogiendo cualquier fauna desafortunada o exploradores que se crucen en su camino.

Las tormentas ahora dividen el cielo con poderosos rayos. Disfruta del espectáculo, ¡pero evita que te golpeen!

Encuentros con NPC planetarios
Los comerciantes del mercado negro, que pilotan sus naves a través de planetas, ahora aterrizarán a veces en la superficie planetaria.

Los exploradores pueden acercarse a estos distribuidores para explorar su selección de actualizaciones de tecnología de contrabando.

El comerciante de chatarra de la estación espacial ahora intercambiará pugneum por su propia selección de productos del mercado negro.

Mejoras en el menu de descubrimientos
La página de descubrimiento ahora ofrece herramientas para filtrar, ordenar y ocultar los sistemas visitados.

Otras mejoras incluyen información más detallada para ayudar a localizar criaturas planetarias e información más fácilmente accesible sobre sus bases planetarias.

Herramientas multitool mejoradas
Visite la estación de actualización de herramientas múltiples en las estaciones espaciales para actualizar la clase de su herramienta múltiple, o expanda su capacidad tecnológica agregando más ranuras.

Descubre escarabajos gigantes que se escabullen por los planetas y zumban por los cielos, así como enormes mariposas de alas suaves que revolotean para aterrizar en la flora y el terreno.

Robots Salvajes
Planetas raros inexplorados son ahora el hogar de criaturas sintéticas que deambulan salvajemente por el terreno con patas metálicas.

Mejora en el comportamiento de las criaturas
Además de las nuevas criaturas excavadoras, rodantes y voladoras, se han mejorado los comportamientos de agrupación de toda la fauna. El tamaño de las manadas ha aumentado y ahora se pueden ver criaturas voladoras mucho más cerca del suelo.

Gusanos de Arena (DUNE)
Criaturas de gusanos devastadoramente enormes ahora acechan debajo de la superficie del planeta. Ve con cuidado.

3.0 Patch notes
Planetary Generation
- New planets have been created in most star systems
- Planets can now generate much more varied terrain, including mountains four times larger than anything previously possible
- Terrain generation for existing planets has not been affected, and player bases have not been reset.

Planetary Visuals
- Planetary terrain rendering has been significantly improved.
- Planetary colour diversity has been significantly increased.
- Planetary lighting diversity has been significantly increased.
- Large numbers of new plants, rocks and other objects have been added to each planet type, over doubling the available diversity.
- In addition, scorched planets have a chance of becoming volcanically active.
- Lush planets also have a chance of becoming marshlands or swamps.
- Every planet has a small chance of becoming infested with bizarre alien growths.
- This generation change has been done in such a way that no existing planet will have its fundamental type or hazard changed.
- PC players with planetary visual quality set to ‘Ultra’ will see grass and other decorative props rendered out to larger distances.
- A number of issues have been fixed that could cause patches of grass and other objects to pop out of existence when close to the player.

Atmospheric Visuals
- The visual quality of cloud rendering has been significantly improved.
- The pattern of clouds seen on a planet from space now matches the environmental conditions on the planet.
- During storms, cloud coverage now increases and darkens.
- Cloud coverage levels are now procedurally generated and vary from planet to planet.
- Cloud coverage levels now vary over time.

Star System Visuals
-Additional stars have been added to the universe.
- Some systems now have binary stars.
- There is a rare chance for a system to have ternary stars.

Planetary Fauna
- A large number of new, highly exotic creatures have been added to the universe.
- Some uncharted systems may contain planets that are populated by rare cybernetic lifeforms.
- The diversity of insect and flying life has been increased.
- The behaviour and animations for flying creatures has been significantly improved.
- Flying and swimming creatures can now flock together.
- Creature generation has been reset. However, previous creature discoveries are now noted in the ‘Extinct’ section of the Discoveries page.
- New cooking products have been added, reflecting the range of novel meats and other sustainably harvested ingredients made possible by the new creature types.

Planetary Weather
- New weather and other atmospheric events have been added.
- Planets may experience shooting stars and meteor showers. Distant meteor showers are beautiful, but it is advised to avoid standing at the impact site.
- Lightning may now strike during storms.
- There is now a rare chance that tornadoes can form during a storm.
- Some extreme temperature worlds may experience firestorms, where the very surface of the planet may erupt into flame.
- Anomalous planets may now experience strange gravitational events.
- During storms, the Exosuit can now take advantage of the extreme conditions: superheated temperatures can be processed into improved jetpack efficiency; freezing temperatures prevent Mining Beam overheating; high radioactivity increases mining yield; dense toxic gases can be recirculated for additional stamina.

Planetary Buildings
- Previously empty planets now have a range of abandoned and/or ancient buildings.
- New colossal planetary archives have been added to the building generation.
- The archives contain the historical and literary records of the Gek, Korvax and Vy’keen.
- The archives are also home to a large number of NPCs and shops.
- The archives contain mapping stations that reveal the presence of nearby ancient ruins.
-Valuable ancient artifacts may be exchanged at the archive. The presented artifact will be swapped for a different item, and this cultural exchange will be rewarded with standing.

- Some planets are now home to colossal worms. Watch your step.

- Trader ships now occasionally land on the planet’s surface.
- These traders sell a range of exotic goods, including black-market upgrade modules.
- The scrap dealer found about space stations will now exchange pugneum for rare or exotic contraband items.

User Interface
- The game’s interface has had a total visual overhaul, including the boot flow, all in-game menus and screens, and the Analysis Visor.
- The space station and planetary base teleporter UI now match the interface used on the Space Anomaly.
- The teleporter interface now more consistently shows screenshots of the target base.
- The teleporter interface now displays information about the system or planet being warped to, such as weather or system economy.
- The Discoveries page now displays more information about where to find creatures. For example, locational information and active times of day are now listed.
- The Discoveries page now allows filtering of star systems based on inhabitants or solar class.
- Systems may now be hidden from the list of discovered systems.
- The Discoveries page system / planet view now displays more accurate information about player bases.
- A local information guide has been added to the mission log. This guide displays detailed information about your current planet or star system, as well as tracking the progress of your discoveries.
- Planetary base markers now display the name of the base.
- Deleting a base from the base computer now has a warning element to help prevent accidental deletion.
- A number of places in which the UI did not respect disabling press & hold have been fixed.
- Fixed a number of visual issues with the display of information on the Galaxy Map.
- The number of items in an inventory stack is now displayed in the popup header.
- A depth readout has been added to the player HUD when underwater.

Photo Mode
- New photo mode filters have been added.
- Photo mode controls over fog and cloud density have been fixed and improved.
- Photo mode controls over vignettes have been fixed.
- Photo mode control over FOV has been fixed and improved.
- Photo mode control of depth of field has been improved, with separate controls for focal depth and distance.
- Photo mode now captures stormy conditions accurately.
- Photo missions from the mission board now offer more assistance in locating an appropriate planet to take a photo.

Crafting and Items
- A number of lesser-used crafting products have been removed from the game.
- A smaller number of new crafting products have been added to replace them.
- The number of specialist survival products have been reduced. The stack size for the remaining survival products has been increased.
- The stack size for Glass has been increased.
- A range of new buried items have been added to planets. These can be found and processed to reveal a range of exotic and interesting new items.
- Fixed a number of issues with items being in the wrong place in the Catalogue.

Multi-Tool upgrades
- Multi-Tools can now be upgraded at the Multi-Tool technology merchant aboard most Space Stations.
- New inventory slots can be added, up to a maximum size for the current class. These slots cost a large number of units.
- Multi-Tool class can also be upgraded for a significant amount of nanites.
- Multi-Tool Expansion Slots allow the addition of an inventory slot for free. Find these upgrade circuits while exploring planets.

Portal interference
- Portal interference for conventional portals has been removed. Players may explore freely.
- After going through a portal, the return portal will remain active until you leave the planet. Your previous system is added to the list of available destinations at the space station teleporter.

Other Fixes
- Improved the handling of the third person camera when on slopes, to avoid the camera becoming stuck in grass.
- Reduced player and camera jitter in third person.
- Improved the performance of the third person auto-follow camera when going up and down steep slopes, so that the camera attempts to adjust for the angle of the slope.
- Reduced the auto-centre strength on the falling camera.
- Trade economies have been rebalanced, so that the economy will be less affected by the mass selling of non-specialist items.
- Player freighters now supply power automatically to all base parts placed aboard them.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Mining Speed bonus to not actually increase the speed of the mining laser.
- Fixed an issue on the Nexus participants screen that caused the player name to be blank if they are not aboard the Space Anomaly.
- Added diminishing returns to resource extractors, so that after building a large number of extractors in one place, the amount extracted by each new extractor is slightly less.
- Fixed an issue that caused the mode select screen to be invisible in ultra wide resolutions
- Fixed an issue that caused the Eye of the Korvax helmet to be black.
- Fixed an issue that prevented markers placed on crashed freighters from clearing.
- Fixed an issue that caused the lighting on the children of helios to be overblown.
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to delete a freighter storage room while standing inside it.
- Fixed a number of issues with base building parts looking incorrect when seen at a distance.
- Fixed an issue that caused the lighting inside large cylinder rooms to be overly bright.
- Fixed an issue that caused the text “%EXOTIC%” to appear in some Nexus mission descriptions.
- Fixed an issue that prevented some abandoned starships from being claimed, even though there was no NPC with them.
- Fixed an issue that caused dead creatures to become embedded in the terrain.
- Fixed an issue that caused the lightning to be overblown on some rare props.
- Fixed an issue that caused underwater props to appear overly bright.
- Fixed an issue that caused the mining laser impact effect to stay active forever.
- Fixed an issue that prevented some time-based missions from starting correctly.
- Fixed an issue that caused some mission UI elements to appear during warp.
- Fixed a mission blocker that could occur when being awarded a product and technology recipe at the same time.
- Fixed a number of interface errors that could occur during the process to upgrade an inventory.
- Fixed an issue that caused an inventory transfer warning to pop up at inappropriate times.
- Fixed an issue that caused the portable refiner to be missing its audio.
- Fixed an issue that could cause mission markers to fail to place correctly when the player was in an abandoned system.
- Fixed a number of issues that could cause Nexus missions to mark the wrong system.
- Fixed a text glitch that could occur when leaving a technology shop.
- Fixed an issue where NPC pilots did not have their name above their speech box.
- Fixed an issue where players were always awarded Gek standing from some interactions, even if the interaction did not involve the Gek.
- Fixed an issue where Nexus exploration missions would send players to planets without many creatures.
- Fixed an issue that caused the rarity description of creatures in the Discoveries menu to be incorrect.
- Fixed an issue that caused the flora and fauna description of a planet to be incorrect, eg saying there were abundant fauna when there were not.
- Planets will no longer be labelled as ‘paradise’ if they have any hostile environmental conditions.
- Fixed an issue that caused starship trail customisations to appear on other players’ ships.
- Fixed a mission blocker that could occur when mining cadmium for the Soul Engine.
- Fixed a number of issues with using the Steam Overlay in VR.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Terrain Manipulator’s flatten mode from syncing in multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue that caused exploration frigates to display incorrect information when viewed through the Analysis Visor.

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Y parece que finalmente habra gusanos de dune :P
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Entrevista a SEAN MURRAY explicando la actualizacion (interesante) Comenta que seguiran actualizando

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Se han ganado la redención.

En las próximas rebajas me lo compraré y eso que yo era de los que criticó en su día la tomadura de pelo.

¡Saludos a todos!